Are you a lawncare contractor? We can help if you just mow and blow lawns all the way up to major commercial landscape installation. As you know, anything around landscaping is not out of the service offering, most of the time. Many landscapers will offer to remove trees (small to medium), but did you you this service is excluded on all most all policies unless you are classed as a tree removal service company. If a tree falls on a house, garage, car, or a person your insurance will not pay anything. As a landscaper you are allowed to remove small low hanging branches on most General Liability policies. Make sure to review your policy for any exclusions.  We can help!  Call us today.


Have you experience insurance claims in the past?  Our agents can provide resources to identify, manage, and lower the risk of future losses. Understanding your insurance losses can not only help prevent future claims, but can also lower your future insurance premiums.  Call us today!


Risk management directly affects insurance losses and premiums. The lack of risk visibility can negatively impact your business. Our team can help assist you and your risk team in identifying and mitigating several areas of risk for your business and provide insurance coverage on the areas that still present a level of risk. Call us […]


We offer a wide variety of insurance policies for the construction industry, whether you only need a general liability, business auto, worker’s compensation or some a little more project specific like a OCIP we have your covered. If you work or looking to work in some of the up and coming industries, we have emerging […]

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